Things to do in San Pancho

There are some incredible things to do and amazing teachers in San Pancho. Check out our list of favorite activities and places to explore below.

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Paraiso Escondido is the perfect place for Yoga lovers. Whatever your yoga style is, you will certainly find the right class for you.

Our favorite yoga is taught onsite by Yoga San Pancho who offer several classes a day. Check out their schedule and website.

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San Pancho is a perfect base for surfing. There are over 12 surf spots within a 45 minute drive! Check out the surf forecast.

Whether it is your first time feeling the stoke of surfing, or you are looking for local knowledge to get into the best waves, Moana will guide you to experience an unforgettable, inspiring adventure.

The beach in San Francisco

Markets and Tianguis

There are many colourful and lively local handicraft markets and farmers market. They all feature live music and local food to go.

Tuesday - it’s our favourite! San Pancho’s farmers’ market. It runs from November through May, every Tuesday from 9’30am to 2pm. It takes place on the Plaza del Sol, the main square of San Pancho.

Thursday - check out the large Tianguis in La Penita, which is a short 30 minute drive from San Pancho. This market runs year round.

Friday - Sayulita’s market runs every Friday morning from November through May on Calle Revolucion.

Saturday - Lo de Marcos’ market (10 minutes drive northwards) takes place on Saturday morning between 9am and 1pm. It runs from November to March.

Sunday -we would highly recommend the market in La Cruz. It’s certainly the largest market in the area and the liveliest.

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Las Huertas Golf Course is 15 minutes walk from Paraiso Escondido. It is built in the very heart of San Pancho in the middle of a lush orchard of mangos, grapefruits, cashew nut, cinamon, tamarindo, blackpepper and guanabana trees.

It is a 9 hole par 32 course measuring 1,953 yards from the mens tee boxes.

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La Patrona Polo Club offers comprehensive classes on a variety of equestrian disciplines such as polo, classical dressage, jumping, vaulting and combined driving.

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The Alianza Jaguar or "Hombre Jaguar Nayarit" is an environmental group that works toward the conservation of the jaguar and its habitat, while trying to involve the community and spark social participation.

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Circus School

In 2011, the co-founder of Cirque Du Soleil gave the green light to the creation of a circus for the children of San Pancho.

The circus occupies over 1200 square meters of warehouse space where more than 150 students, children and adults, learn the Circus, Dance and Performance Arts. The space is equipped with donation of previously used acrobatic, gymnastic, and aerial equipment from the Cirque du Soleil Foundation.

You can attend any of their adult or children classes offered on a weekly bases

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The Entreamigos Centro Comunitario Educativo is a 16,000sq foot educational facility located on Avenida Tercer Mundo, a few hundred meters after entering into San Pancho.

Our busy community center hosts the library, computer lab, classrooms, sports and exercise spaces, a gallery, a giant “fridge” cinema room, eco-design workshops, recycling center and re-sale shop!

The building itself is fun, beautiful and educational.

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Dance and Martial Arts

Where to start? The heart of San Pancho beats to the rhythm of the guitars and the drums. The hottest day for dancing is Sunday: Start with an African danse class at midday in entreamigos with Sujey Luna before joining live salsa at night on the beach at La Fresona. The Circus offers classes in classical ballet, hip hop, folkloric and Indian dance.

El Estar runs Aikido classes every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

And if you fancy capoeira, check out the schedule with La Bodega Teatro.